Editorial Guidelines

We do have some editorial guidelines we’d like you to consider before submitting a story, these should help guide you, provide some good advice for writing and ensure the stories submitted are not misleading or antagonistic. It won’t always be possible to achieve all of the below, but we ask you to consider as many as possible.

Be Passionate

  • Write something that you are passionate about
  • Use your experience, observations etc to make a point or conclusion people will care about
  • Don’t be afraid to make a controversial statement, but be prepared to back it up and defend it
  • If telling your personal struggle, aim to include lessons you have learnt, or a unique observation. If you struggle to do so, please do not worry, still send us the article

Keep it simple and compelling

  • Make sure it is understandable to those who aren’t experts
  • Create the article around 1 or 2 key points, observations, arguments (etc) and stick to those
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short- we will break them up as we see fit, but would prefer you, the author, to do so
  • Break the article up – large blocks of text are unlikely to be read or absorbed as much as small sections, numbered and/or headed.

Be Concise

  • Get your key points across but do so in a concise fashion
  • Readers have a limited attention span and are more likely to leave the article if it is too long
  • If articles are over 1,500, we reserve the right to split into two or more articles
  • With the exception of poems we do ask for a minimum of 300 words

Be Respectful

  • Be respectful of peoples privacy and with the language that you use
  • Remain focused on the reader and what they will want to read

We are here to help if you need it, please reach out to us if you need advice or ideas on how to best tell your story.

1in4 reserve the right to edit content for grammatical purposes, clarity, SEO purposes or simply to stick to the guidelines. With the exception of poetry, we look for articles and blogs to be at least 300 words in length. We will check any significant changes to the text with you prior to publishing.

Please bear with us if you do not hear back from us straight away, 1 in 4 is run by a very small therefore we aim to reply within 21 days.


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