I Am 1 In 4 is a peer led non-profit organisation dedicated to breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and giving a voice to those who suffer or who care for those who suffer.

We provide a platform and community where people can talk openly about their mental health free from judgement, free from stigma. By building such a community approach we aim to normalise the conversation around mental health, provide support and a release for those who suffer whilst also increasing understanding.

We are a small team, made up purely of volunteers working in our spare time. Donations will go towards our running costs, education, resources and support for those suffering or supporting those suffering from mental health conditions.

We are dedicated to reducing stigma and providing help, with your support we are able to grow and increase our effectiveness.

Click ‘Donate’ to make your donation, we thank you enormously for your support.

Where Will My Money Go

  • Increasing education and resources around mental health
  • Providing peer based support to those suffering from mental health conditions
  • Running costs for our online activities
  • Providing the opportunity for 1in4 to greatly increase its activities, together we can make a big difference


Donations are not the only way you can help us at 1 in 4:

  • Promote us online – we always want people to help spread the word on social media, message boards, chat rooms, link backs from websites etc
  • Fundraising – turn your event or activity into a fundraiser for 1in4
  • Expertise – mental health, web design/promotion etc professionals can donate their time
  • Content – write for us at:
  • Social Media – occasionally we are after new social media admins and promoters
  • Collaboration – we believe in working together, so if you represent another organisation involved in mental health we are always open to partnerships and collaboration opportunities.
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