Thank You, Mother Monster
By Alan D.D.

When I was young and in need of someone to listen to me or cheer me up, there was one person I could trust would always be there. No matter if it was midnight, the middle of a class, whether I was alone or surrounded by people. She was always right beside me. Mother Monster always heard my call.

Despite how she was insulted, bullied, teased and abused in her youth, this woman is an unstoppable machine that never fails when fighting for herself or for others. She always sings from the deepest part of her heart, opening her soul and self to her fans: her Little Monsters.

Thank You, Mother Monster

Mother of us all

She was like the mother of us all. She embraced us when we most needed her, and we are unstoppable monsters. We only needed to hear her sweet words to wake up from the nightmare. With her, we could fight back the demons that kept hunting us. We could scream and break free from whatever was torturing us.

I am part of this iron-boned group because of her. Because she taught me how to walk into the battleground. She was with me when I had no one else, when all the things I could see were black. When I woke up one morning with wounds in my hand, she’s the one who made me learn that I was brave enough to face the eyes and the gossip.

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It doesn’t matter how much it hurts, how low I can be, or how lost I could feel, I just need her music and her voice to walk again. I can navigate between the horrors and the past. All hell can break loose. But with this woman, singing at the top of her lungs right into my ears, making me cry when I feel everything’s lost, I know I can keep on going.

She’s just one song away

She’s been highlighted by controversy more than once, but only for being herself. I know she wants us to do the same. It’s honesty that some people cannot stand. She wants us minding not what others could say about us. Also, she’s been there, she still is, and always will be, as long as we keep our paws up.

Lady Gaga has never failed me, or any of her fans. That’s what I’m most thankful for. She’s still teaching us how to deal with prejudice, stigma and even the very core of life, which can be harmful sometimes. I know that whenever I’m trapped again, she’s just one song away from me.

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