Earn and Save: How the things around your house can earn you money

So why are we writing about how to earn and save money? Well, there are numerous factors at play when it comes to the causes, impact, severity of mental health conditions. One that is common, though not universal, is financial insecurity. This can come in many forms including the pressure to provide for a family, difficulty paying the bills, price of healthcare and unemployment. We won’t ever pretend that we can get rid of these worries, but from time to time we will share some good tips that we hope are of help.

Earn and Save: How the things around your house can earn you money

For transparency yes there is an affiliate link in here but you benefit from it with £25 credit to your account if you sign up via the link on this page and make a rental. We are careful not to endorse any product that we do not believe in ourselves.

The nature of business and of making money has been changing in the last few years. The biggest ‘taxi’ firm (Uber) owns no cars, the biggest ‘property rental’ company (Airbnb) owns no property. What both of these companies do is connect people with something, to people who want that thing. For most of us though we don’t have a spare apartment to rent out and don’t have the time to be an uber driver.

Earn and Save

One initiative that follows in the Airbnb model is Fat Lama which is based around the renting and borrowing of the things around our house. As such that thing you hardly ever use can be rented to someone who needs it. And when you need something but can’t afford to buy it, you can rent it for a fraction of the cost. To give a better idea of what we mean, here are some examples that might well apply to you:

  • Garden tools – maybe you have a hedge trimmer, lawnmover, leaf blower, ladder, etc that in reality you only use once or twice a year. How about renting them out for others to use so that those tools actually make you money? Or if you can’t justify buying them, perhaps you can rent them from someone else for a far more affordable amount. And all of this done inside of an app.
  • Camera – want a decent camera or camcorder etc for a special event but can’t justify buying it? Rent it from someone who will charge less than a hire shop to rent, or if you own it already but you hardly use it, again rent it out to make a load of money on it
  • Construction tools – got a special project but can’t even begin to justify the purchase price? You begin to get the idea, rent it from someone
  • Electronics: laptops, phones, printers etc

And so on. I’m not going to list everything possible – if you own it and it is of value, you could potentially make some money from it and keep ownership. If you have a one off or occasional need for something pricey, you could save significant money on not having to buy it or rent from a high street shop.

Get your £25 credit

As said earlier, if you sign up and make your first rental, you will get a £25 credit to your account. Yes we get a fee as well but we never endorse something we don’t truly believe in and we genuinely like this idea and company. We hope it works for you.

Any money made by the affiliate link will go directly in to the running costs of 1in4 and not in to any individuals pockets.

Fat lama make money from the things you own

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