Don't Suffer in Silence
By Glyn

Hello, my name’s Glyn. I’ve always suffered with depression and mania. And three years ago I was sectioned. I wanted off this Rock; I had the feeling of being at a crossroads 24-7. And I was masking my mental deterioration with drugs and drink.

Don't Suffer in Silence. Stigma is the worst thing about being sectioned. Now I'm no longer alone. I was masking my mental deterioration with drugs & drink. Don't suffer in silence

Loss…and fear

I had the lot. The house, good business, token fiancée.

It was a Monday evening. And I had to ask myself in the mirror to seek help, as if I was reaching out to another me, if that makes sense.
I spent twelve weeks in hospital, three of which were spent on a 1-1 24-7 watch.
I did a dry detox. The token fiancée abandoned me, I lost my business and I reached rock bottom. I entered hospital with just £1.47 in my pocket and a small amount of clothing.

Being discharged was terrifying. I had a genuine fear of society, like I had upset the world and there was retribution waiting for me for having a breakdown.
Stigma is the worst thing about being sectioned. It’s nearly as bad as the stories people make up on why you were sectioned.

Diagnosis at last

It wasn’t until August 2017 that I was actually diagnosed. The diagnosis was that I had ADHD and also symptoms of bipolar disorder, social anxiety, reactive depression and mania.
That seemed to make sense, and when I told my family and close friends they said that they knew anyway.

My life is so different now. I don’t suffer in silence any more. I still have my days when I don’t leave my house. My biggest battle though has been trying to level out on medication. But now I actually think am there. Fingers crossed, medication wise.

We are golden souls, my fellow brothers and sisters. We are made of such good stuff, empathy is our gift, and if we’re lucky we surround ourselves with people who understand us.
But the greatest gift of all is knowing I am not on my own. To anybody reading this, don’t suffer in silence. Reaching out isn’t a weakness, rather it’s a sign of strength. Even though we would rather hide under the covers and wish the day away. x

You’re not alone.


I still have that £1.47.
Thank you for reading.
Don’t suffer in silence.

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