Why support is so important
By Zoe

For months, I had put down how I was feeling to ‘Just one of those days, overworked, people just get on my nerves’. It had never crossed my mind that depression had hit me at full force, until my work friend pulled me aside and expressed her worries over me. Support is so important even to help us understand we are struggling at times.

You see, I was one of those who thought depression only affected those who dwelled and let themselves get like that. That couldn’t be me – I worked hard, put everyone before myself, looked after everyone. I ignorantly assumed it was something you could shrug off. But then I got to the point where I literally could not take another second being around myself. I wanted it to all end. So I finally sought help.

Why support is so important

Support is so important

Therapy, taking medications, exercise, online forums, massage: don’t get me wrong, they help to a certain degree. But I firmly believe it’s support that makes the biggest difference, when you’re on a spiral and shut people out. When you are at your absolute worst, and those people are still there regardless, letting you know they’re there when you’re ready, that you aren’t a burden and that they understand, their support is literally a godsend.

What you aren’t told is that depression isn’t something that can just be cured. It’s incredibly lonely and isolating. But it turns out that with support and the right techniques you learn to live with it. And if you’re lucky, you learn that you can feel it but it doesn’t have to own you. You can still have good days.

How to help others

If you have someone in your life struggling with their mental health, before you moan to everyone how their mental issues get on your nerves or how inconsiderate it is that they have them, try and remember YOU are a big key to their recovery, YOU. They already feel a burden. What they need is your support, not criticism. Because at the end of the day, your support is so important. It really can make a difference between make or break for them.

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