Dan Harmon, the co-creator of Rick & Morty was asked by Twitter user @chojuroh if he had any advice for dealing with depression.

While the writer and producer might not seem the obvious choice for such a question. However, not only did he step up to the question, but his series of replies are simply fantastic.

You can argue that the advice of opening up and talking. Admiting it to yourself first etc are not ground breaking advice. However the tweet stating “feelings are real but they aren’t reality” really hit home and gets more true and important the more you think about it.

Two tweets is obviously not a lot of space to cover such a topic and do it justice, so on he went:

Venting your feelings, talking, sharing those thoughts and what they have taught you is one of the founding principles of 1in4. We praise Dan for being so clear and blunt about it. It is easy to dismiss such a question or to give a lightweight easy answer. So it’s great to see a more meaningful answer from someone in an influencial position.


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