Modern Warrior
By Craig Inches

Modern Warrior

We live in an age of warfare, not only along
national, religious, political differences, but
personal warfare.

Every day millions of us wake each morning to do
battle with our inner demons.

For each day we survive, fresh scars upon our minds
and souls; we can not even celebrate, instead contemplating
the coming dawn.

These battles waged in our minds, drive our actions,
exhaust our bodies, and demand so much of our mental
energy we can only take a day at time.

For some the war is lost, with nothing left to give
endless sleep is a welcome outcome.

For the rest, each victory be it a shower taken,
a meal eaten, a deadline reached; our only reward is the
next challenge.

To the Modern Warrior, I salute you. Bravery and resilience
beyond all measure, taking that one more step when all seems lost.

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