Lines. Relief Doesn't Come Like It Used To

By Sophie Ann

Lines. Relief Doesn't Come Like It Used To


I guess I just give in
So many numb thoughts
That day dream reality
Waving for attention

For actions
When in math
Whilst numbers bore me
But all I have to write is

Smiling for the mother
Knowing I’m not who I am
Yet smiling for the daughter
Who zones out to song
Which you don’t listen close to
Zones out whilst singing those

Fat lama make money from the things you own

Straight into bed
9:27 when eyes drop low
Yet flicker open to the sound of rain
Flicker to watch the droplets race
Weaving to create the window

Sickening feeling in stomach
Just a shiny thing
Placed in a shaking hand
In which she wishes relief
When carved words become tears
But remembering doesn’t help
And relief doesn’t come
Not like before
Before she started the

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