It's too difficult to try and understand
By Liam Fraser

Lately I’ve learnt asking for help in life
Is harder than ever, it’s a tiring fight
Don’t get me wrong there’s overwhelming support
You’ll know what I mean if you’ve been here before

It's too difficult to try to understand

Hands up if you’ve wasted many hours of explaining
Nice try… but you figured they wouldn’t understand your ‘complaining’
It’s so frustrating when we have so much to express
Is it just me who’s lost for words when asked why I’m depressed?

It’s a lot more complicated than asking all the obvious questions
Personally I feel more distant and zone out rather than listen
It feels more like a lesson, only I’ve had it before!
Every time I hear the cliches, I don’t feel like trying anymore

Listen closely

Like an acoustic guitar in need of tuning
You listen closely and adjust the strings
When all six are done correctly
The sound compliments everything

So imagine I’m the guitar but this time it’s tuned wrong
With the broken sound I really struggle to strum along
Please don’t be personally offended by my actions or my words
And listen to the broken instrument compliment everything
Not need tuning to be peacefully heard

Take my hand and help me, rather than tell me how to feel
I’ll make you cry, yeah perhaps
Every day that passes without the answer
Is the chance of a cowardly relapse

This poem started out and ended very differently
The end three verses compared to the first three
Took a different path – unintentionally
I accidentally warped myself into it with things personal to me.

Reproduced with permission, originally posted here: Poetry Soup


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