10 important life lessons learned in 24 years
By Ellyse Rafferty

10 important life lessons learned in 24 years

1. Who you are right now is not who you’ll be in a year’s time. Reinvent yourself whenever you feel like it. We are always growing and changing, so go ahead and shed your skin.

2. Give what you can, as often as you can.

3. Always be kind. You never know what the next person is going through or what battles they are fighting. That being said, there are some who may take your kindness for passiveness. Don’t let these people walk all over you.

4. Listening is very different from simply hearing. Try to mull over people’s words before rushing to answer.

5. Don’t ever let anyone else determine your worth or happiness. You have everything that you need within yourself, remember that.

6. Be patient with people of all levels of education and understanding. You were once ignorant of the things you now know, and you are still ignorant of other things. Communicate with them at their level. You aren’t superior or ‘too good’ for anyone.

7. Never make fun of others’ beliefs or comfort blankets. You don’t know why they hold onto what they do. It might just be what gets them through the day.

8. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let the little things go, and if you are ready to, then let the big things go too. Forgiveness makes space and gives you freedom.

9. Never go to bed angry or on an argument. Your night’s sleep will be ruined and it won’t make tomorrow any easier.

10. See the good – in others, in the world and in yourself. Focus on that.

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