Trekking Outside Your Comfort Zone
By Tina Blacksmith

I’ve always been scared to leave my comfort zone. I usually don’t try new things if they make me uncomfortable. It makes me so nervous. I get nauseous.

I’ll Never Ride It

I had thought of getting a bicycle but I always said “I’ll never ride it.” Then my husband did a Facebook post asking if anyone had a cheap bike or one they didn’t use. I ended up with a Trek.

At first, I was going to just let it sit there and gather dust. I used to walk to work, but once I had the bike there was no reason to walk. I was SCARED, but it turns out for the wrong reasons. My worries were based on what people would think. As a result, I almost talked myself out of riding, because heaven forbid someone see me pedaling along.

I Did Start Riding

I did start riding.

Fast forward. Roughly four-and-a-half months.

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One day as I was heading home I thought “I could ride in the bike lane.” You see, before this day I had always stayed on the sidewalk. It freaked me out to be so close to vehicles, so I was terrified to ride in the bike lane.

I Was Scared for No Good Reason

Guess what? The bike lane is not a big deal! All that time, I was so scared, and for no reason.

Sometimes I get a little scared, and go back to the sidewalk. I’m working on staying only in the bike lane.

You’ll Be Glad You Took the Chance

The point of all this is simple. You have to try new things. You can’t always do what’s familiar. It can really cause so much anxiety when you’re out of your element and you don’t know what to expect. Being out of your comfort zone causes your heart to race.

I promise you, in the end you’ll look back and think “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” Then you’ll be glad you took a chance.

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