Schizophrenia - disconnected from reality
By Anonymous

Schizophrenia is an illness that blinds you from the rest of the real world. You’re stuck in a cage that paralyses you in fear, paranoia and lies. It leaves you disconnected from reality.

A bad night

You may go to bed the night before, feeling like life couldn’t be better. You’re happy, you’re excited for what tomorrow will bring. Maybe you’re proud of something you’ve done, or you’ve seen someone who means a lot to you. You’re doing good. You slowly fall into a deep sleep, totally relaxed. Two hours later, you wake up in a football stadium of people talking. Maybe people casually talking, not too bad.

Other times though, it’s like 1000 people shouting and cursing at you. Your existence to them is like the existence of evil. They tell you as well as them that everyone is out to get you. They want you dead. Everyone wants you dead. The taps, fridge and supermarkets are all riddled with poisonous chemicals that only could ever affect you.

Disconnected from reality

You hear the sound of gun reload. You hear the sound of an axe hacking its way through your front door. People screaming at the top of their voices that they will get to you. Not even murder. But sinister ways of torture and punishment, all for reasons you’re questioning yourself. This could go on for two minutes to two hours. No-one else can see, hear or feel the fear that blinds you.

Then, it stops. Silence. But to you, the fear is still living that you’ll suffer poisoning, torture, kidnap or death. But little do you know, the threats are all from your own mind. Family question your fear, if the threats are gone, but if someone was killed on the street next to you, the fear that you’re next would not go away the next second.

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