5 Natural Ways to Improve Depression & Anxiety
By Shae Hansen

In our world today there are many unnatural things we put in our bodies and many harmful effects we get as a result. It’s no wonder that so many people are seeking out natural alternatives for many things. In this post, I will be talking about natural ways that I use for my anxiety and depression. They actually help me and I hope they can help you too!


What is reflexology? It is the belief that massaging one part of your body (usually a certain point on your hands or feet) will help a different part. For example: massaging the tips of any of your fingers will aid the sinus area. Using reflexology for anxiety and depression is simple and effective.

I start by gently massaging the middle of my right hand for 30 seconds, I then stretch the fingers of that same hand gently down for just a few seconds, after that I massage my palm on the opposite side of my thumb for about 30 seconds, lastly, I massage the wrist of that same hand using circular motions for about 60 seconds. I do this for both hands a few times a day.


OK so I haven’t actually tried acupuncture yet but I really want to! I know quite a few people who use it to help their anxiety and depression. They all tell me that it is the most amazing experience they’ve ever had. When I get the chance to actually go in and do it, I will update this post with my personal thoughts on it.


I know for some this can be a dirty word, but exercise is SO good for depression and anxiety. I don’t always feel the greatest while I’m actually in the process of exercising, but afterwards I feel like I’m on top of the world! There is no greater feeling than that. I know it can be hard to fit exercise into your daily routine but exercising regularly is a great natural aid for depression and anxiety.

Essential Oils

You probably figured that essential oils would come up eventually. They usually do! That’s probably because they do so much! I love using them because I strongly believe in the power of aromatherapy. The main oil I use for my depression and anxiety is lavender (mostly because I love the smell so much), but other oils that can be used are chamomile, marjoram and frankincense.

On days that I am feeling particularly anxious or depressed, I love putting a few drops of oil in my diffuser and listening to relaxing music. Another way I enjoy using the oils is putting them in a warm bath. Both these methods work really well, but even simply rubbing a few drops mixed with carrier oil on your chest can help make you feel better.


Meditation can be a powerful tool to aid depression and anxiety (see the 5 Tools I Use to Overcome Social Anxiety). I feel so much more at peace and somehow freer when I meditate regularly. Some prefer to meditate without any guidance, but I prefer guided meditation. I feel like it keeps me more focused and it helps to keep me from just falling asleep. I use an app called Stop, Breathe, & Think. They have good free guided meditations.

There are so many natural ways to help anxiety and depression. I only use some at the present time but I’m sure that throughout my journey of discovering more natural ways to help me, I will use more. I’d love to hear how you help your depression and anxiety naturally! Please feel free to comment and share! I hope this post helped. Good luck!


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