so what next
By Charlotte Edmunds

Soooo. I have hit that part of recovery where I’m on a plateau.

What Next?

My addiction to opioids is under control with a recovery programme, I’m stabilised there.

My meds are just right, so my moods are stable! I get varying emotions, good days and bad days, but on a very even level! I can still sleep at the end of the day. Rationalise my mood etc.

I have a new job, in a place I finally feel I belong. The team have welcomed me! These are the days I could only ever of imagined a year or so back.

Whats my point? Well thats exactly what I’m wondering! If this is all I ever wanted, why does it feel so empty and why do I feel so lost? My illness should not define who I am but apparently it does. Or maybe my goal orientated self now needs something new to fill the new mind space I’ve never had!

Lots of articles, books, advice on noticing your illness, getting better, accepting your diagnosis etc. But nothing tells you what to do when everything is ok!?

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