A sky without a sun
By Gracie

My arms they long to hold you,
but it wasn’t meant to be,
my heart is always breaking,
you are a part of me.
back then I was so frightened,
now I long to hear your little cry,
why can’t I see your face,
however hard I try?

My story isn’t done yet,
and you’ll always be my angel,
my heart will always hold you,
will it always be so painful?

One day I’ll have another,
a tiny hand to hold,
just know I’ll always love you,
until I’m grey and old.

My little girl, my baby,
the apple of my eye,
I never got to meet you,
why did you have to die?

I want to let it go now,
to send you on your way,
this grief it’s just not healthy,
but my love is here to stay.

You left a hole in my heart,
and another in my brain,
a dark and hopeless grief,
will I be whole again?

I never got to meet you,
but I became a mum.
Will I get to hold my baby?
That time will surely come.

My love I am so sorry,
I couldn’t keep you alive,
I just cannot forgive myself,
no matter how I strive.

The words that I can give you ,
don’t do justice to your soul,
but I hope that when I speak them,
I will start to become whole.

TIe darkness it is clinging,
but you go into the light.
I will see you one day,
but for now I have to fight.

It’s oh so very lonely,
loving you so much,
with no one else who misses you;
it’s just my life you touched.

A mother with no baby,
is like the sky without the sun.
It’s hard to live without you,
I miss you, little one.

My time with you was far too short,
and we were both so very young.
I wish I’d done it differently,
and it was all undone.

You’ll forever be my baby,
and I’ll always be your mum.
One day I’ll have another,
that day will surely come.

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