You can tell when you are starting to heal again when you put on a stone
By Victoria Jane

Starting to heal again

You can tell when you are starting to heal again when you put on a stone.  Rediscover your former self again, no longer give a shit what other people think of you, no longer feel like you are losing the plot, know your self worth, get seriously on top of your priorities and no longer secretly cry and break down every day for months on end.

Back to the real world

Welcome back to the real world Miss Miller. I have seriously missed you ❤️

People need your help, empathy, love and support

If you know someone who is suffering from mental health issues or any kind of stress or breakdown, please reassure them that things will get better, because they really will, even if they don’t believe it right now because they feel trapped, a failure and a burden to everybody.  It can take a painfully long time and a hell of a lot of work and patience to heal.  Please support them in any way and every way you can.  Never, ever make them feel worse than they already do, they really do need your help, empathy, love and support.

Break down the stigma

Statistics show that it is now 1 one 3 that suffer, not 1 in 4, and it can happen to ANYBODY just like cancer.  It can be fatal.  It’s a national crisis, and it’s putting so much pressure on the NHS.  That’s why we need people like you and I to spread awareness and continue to break down the stigma.

Continue to talk about it, encourage people not to feel ashamed and reassure them that they are not alone.

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