Physical Vs Mental
By Emma Galligan

Broken leg ~ walk it off?
Broken arm ~ try and write?
Broken mind ~ ???????
Do you have the answer?

Guess what, that’s the problem. There’s a reason why people hide away their pain.

Picture this.

“Hey, how are you?”
“Well, I cried for four hours last night, and then went to bed.”
Be honest with yourself, would you expect that reply, would you even want that reply, could you deal with that reply???

Well picture this ….

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That person may have put it mildly, those four hours could have meant 10, that crying could have been hysterical, that one night could have meant five.

If you’re lucky enough not to have suffered in this way, then take the time to possibly understand how it may feel, because this pain is so much more than physical, it’s the most overwhelming, all-consuming, self-torture that no-one should ever experience.

Physical vs mental pain

YOU think that person wants to be there, well guess what, I would have given anything not to feel that tortured, I would have given anything not to feel that constant pain and cloud hang over my head, I would have prayed for a broken bone to take away even an ounce of pain.

And on every birthday when people were wishing for money, to be loved or presents…

I just wished to be happy.

If your heart gets broken into a million pieces does it ever look the same?

Reproduced with permission, originally published here


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