when will it end
By Sara Torkamanzadeh

Why is it taking so long?
How much longer can it go on?
I think it’s getting better but then I regress
Back to the time I couldn’t get dressed.

Two steps forward and ten steps back
Why is this darkness so hard to crack?
One day up and one day down
This never ending cycle goes round and round.

I can’t remember what it feels like to be well
Unable to break this evil spell.
What if it’s like this forever and this is my lot?
Loved ones so fed up they decide to boycott.

I want my life to take off – take flight
But grounded I remain – losing the fight.
What kind of existence is this?
Constantly struggling to get out the abyss.

Why can’t I tame this demon within?
By taking control so my life can begin?
How much more am I expected to take?
How can I free myself from the coils of this snake?

Do I deserve this fate of doom?
Was I destined to rot in this tomb?
Is there a way to be finally free?
And escape this prison so I can start being me?

I’m desperate to start living my life
And release the chains of this smothering strife.
I want my freedom and I want it now!
To be liberated from this curse, but I’m not sure how.

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