By Jon Counsell

Sitting in side going insane
Outside the window gray skies and rain
Just like my heart filled with pain
Just as the tears leave my eyes
For thoughts inside I cannot hide

To love yourself that is a must
What’s going on is so unjust
Broken and torn and ripped apart
Through a shredder
And left in the dark

Feel so lonely so unsure
Keep hurting all the people on the other side of the door
I’m at the stage where no one wants to listen
I’m at the stage where it feels like prison

If I could only open up and let you in
Maybe you could kick start my life again
But deep inside would I want you to feel the pain I’m in
To trouble you is that the right thing

I’ve lived this life for many a year
I’ve lived a life of anger and fear
So please be kind and have a heart
For inside me there still burns a small spark

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