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Here at Iam1in4 we are proud to be supporting this fantastic upcoming event in London ‘Mind Over Matter’. The event will present a discussion around mental health, such as, removing stigma in today’s society, being a friend to someone who is suffering and tips for mental well being.

The event will take place on Thur 31st August, at Bfi Film Forever, 21 Stephen Street, London, W1T 1LN

Mind Over Matter speakers

A host of speakers will be sharing their knowledge and also their amazing experiences around mental health. Each one brings their own fresh perspective and fascinating story, with a break down of the current speakers below:

Josh Coombes:

The famed hairdresser who has taken it upon himself to cut hair for the homeless across London. Josh has given talks all over the world with his hastag #dosomethingfornothing. He has appeared on BBC radio and has also taken Instagram by storm with over 174,000 followers! His talk will address mental health and his connection with the homeless.

mind over matter josh coombes

Stuart How:

A renowned NLP mind coach, Stuart works alongside the English Olympic Boxing squad and also has a clinic in Harley Street. He will be discussing his experiences with mental health and where he is today.

mind over matter stuart how


Sam Hadfield:

Founder of Caris Boxing Club – a boxing club for the homeless, addicts and the vulnerable. Sam is a community support worker and has helped countless people through adversity, whether that be homelessness or mental illness. His talk will cover the history of Caris Boxing Club and provide solutions for today’s issues with mental health.

mind over matter sam hadfield

Isis Aurora Mera & Seonaid Murray:

Founder of Help for Refugee Children, for the last two years Isis and her team have been supporting the refugees in Calais and Dunkirk. They have been providing supplies and offering counselling to those in truly desperate circumstances. Isis and her team mainly work with women and children. This talk will look closely at the mental wellbeing of refugees, the stigmas they face and the ongoing battle to leading a normal life.

mind over matter help 4 refugee childrenmind over matter Isis Aurora Mera & Seonaid Murray

Shakiba Moghadam:

Shakiba an university lecturer from Iran, who lectures on Sport and exercise psychology in the university of Portsmouth. Her presentation will be exploring recognising mental health disorders and ill mental health in children. The aim of the presentation will be to highlight the importance of educating and raising awareness of mental health disorders in children. Highlighting the exposures which can influence and increase the risks of mental health disorders in children. Finally the presentation will look at the knock-on effects of ignoring signs and symptoms of mental health disorders at a young age.

mind over matter Shakiba Moghadam

To see more details on the event follow this link

Mind Over Matter tickets can be purchased here


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