fate and pain
By Bethany Hacker

Fate and Pain

An empty space;
A cavernous void.
A place where words echo
For no one to hear.
An invisible box
Of undefined shape –
Filled with the joys once shared
And of sorrows unknown.

A weight in the void –
A weight so heavy,
Only Atlas himself
Would dare and try lift.

Down down it goes,
And with it the box –
To an undisclosed location,
No “X” marks the spot.

It travels through pain.
Its slices cause blood.
Through fire and ash;
Nothing penetrates the box.

How deep is this space
And where does it end?
Can noises be words
If no on can hear?

Will there be a crash landing
When the invisible is seen?
Or will it float down
Like an ember once bright?

Yet it turns into nothing.
It was never there.
Just an invisible sensation
Leaving no one to care.

Both endings are possible –
Each one of equal value.
A puzzle without the picture
Till the last piece is placed.

To crash – To dissolve;
Each bring destruction.
Only a net, a light, or an entity unknown
Can change the impending fear.

Yet if the end is near
And Atlas drops the weight,
Numbness enters the picture
And chooses the fate.

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