Surrender – Dedicated for the love of Dad!

By Joanne Esther Vigneau

How many tragedies does one have to endure?
I desire to play the games of death no more.
In the silence and sanctity of time,
the burdens I carry weigh heavy on my mind.

Piece by piece my minds been torn apart,
No-one can penetrate the walls of my heart.
I can no longer tolerate my emotional pain,
A heart being broken again and again.

I live with chaos and anxiety from separation
A peaceful mind exists only in my imagination.
Help remove these thoughts that grip my soul.
Untie these strings that someone else seem to hold.

I mourn the childhood that I let pass me by,
Such huge sorrows and yet no-one knows why?
I am afraid to die as who I was,
and I am scared to live as who I will become!

I have surrendered my heart and my soul,
I have put it here in your hands to hold.
Remove me from this darkness forever,
I have to remember, Only the strong surrender!


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