Starting Point

By Aiman Azman

I have just heard the worst news of the day, of the week, and most probably of the year. It’s a sad day due to the departure of Chester Bennington, the frontman of Linkin Park. He died by suicide, by hanging himself. He was struggling with depression for a long time.

Yeah, sometimes, it’s easier to fake our smiles and pretend that everything’s okay when it is actually not. It’s easier that way because we do not want others to worry, because some might be faking themselves, as some might never understand what it feels like to be in that position. So, the best thing to do is hide it. But, for how long?

We have lost a lot of icons due to depression, including Robin Williams, Chris Cornell, Cory Monteith and many more. Like an army, falling, one by one, by one. We need to stop the social stigma, that mental health is nothing to worry about. You will know how much it hurts to suffer all alone, becoming hopeless and helpless, and the only thing people do was laugh and say you were just overthinking. Maybe the lack of empathy, that made men live selfishly. Chester once said, when life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind.

Again, the departure of the lead singer of the band left a huge impact, as most of the kids grew up with their music. May your death brings you peace, and become a starting point for the world to change. In the end, it does even matter.

Reproduced with permission, originally posted here


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