Life Saver

By Clara Rose

This is a note.
To my best friend.
Just to say thank you.
For saving my life.

I’ve known you for just a few years, but i feel as though it’s been eternity.
We’ve laughed, we’ve cried; fallen out and made up.
You aren’t like everyone, but you’re certainly not a no one!
You’re so special and unique, you’re my best friend.

The voice inside my head.
Makes me hurt you as well as me.
Yet you stand by and refuse to leave.
You know who the real me is.

Thank you for enforceable hugs.
Thank you for your promises.
Thank you for listening about the darkness.
Thank you for ignoring the horrible voice.

Thank you for the 3am chats.
Thank you for making me eat.
Thank you for your honesty.
Thank you for making me live.

There aren’t enough words to say how much you mean.
Everyday I think of something else I want to thank you for.
I’m so sorry for all the voice causes you.
I’m sorry I can’t always be me.

But with you by my side, I know I can fight.
With you by my side, I know I have a life.
You’re more than just my guardian angel.
You’re my best friend, my reason to live.


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