Johns Neglect

By Anonymous

John is a mental health patient who lives in our community in blocks of small flats, John has been neglected and is running around on a different planet. Not his fault been, he’s neglected by the health service and the housing ass (Genesis). John has conned an old frail lady out of £100. The old lady will now have to borrow money for food, The old lady is very upset and is 87 years old.

John is now knocking on peoples doors at 3am asking for money and drugs and even trying to force entry with an old key to break into peoples flats. Young mums are getting very upset and crying. John plays his music full blast through the night till the morning.

John has been going to the toilet in the hall and door ways. So enough is enough the housing, the health service and the police are contacted but no one cares, no one will lift a finger to help John.

We rang and complained for 5 weeks still no one came to help John, Then on the 5th week John was arrested for drugs in his flat, plus he had 2 people with knives that wanted to hurt him as he conned them out of money. John was sectioned for 28 days, As soon as he was sectioned the lock was changed on his door. The coward housing manager came round for that, but for 5 weeks over 20 residents had gone through hell with poor John.

How do they get away with neglecting people that need help. It’s neglect, neglect, neglect. Someone has to put their hand up and say sorry we got it wrong. Anyway hope John makes a full recovery not his fault.


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