From Breakdown to Brilliant

By Marie O’Brien

Have you ever realised how hard it is to come back up, once you go down? And especially when you don’t understand or recognise how far down you have slid? Well it happened to me and this is my story on how I went down and then managed to get back up again……

Some 10 years ago my husband, Owen, with our three children decided to relocate to Berkshire – our dream home. Unfortunately, things started going horribly wrong with, first with our finances, then with family issues, my husband’s ill-health and to top it all, my mental health. Owen was diagnosed with arthritis in his hips had to undergo surgery for replacement.

Owen was a self-employed plasterer and we had no savings and with him being off work for three months, it was a struggle trying to keep up the mortgage repayments and other loans. I was then expecting our fourth child, Owen’s health deteriorated. The house got repossessed. We declared ourselves bankrupt. All his added to my anxiety and stress and I couldn’t cope anymore. The Doctor asked me if I was depressed. Depressed? I was shocked, completely in denial of my mental state.

“Looking back, I suffered from anxiety as a child and depression as an adult for many years – I just hadn’t realised.”

One morning I woke up and couldn’t breathe. I was taken to Hospital. No one could tell me what was wrong until a nurse said, “I know what’s wrong with you. You’re having panic attacks.” It was a “light bulb” moment!

Filled with fear, I discharged myself, but the Doctor had to be called out again. I finally checked myself into The Cardinal Clinic in Windsor. My memory of that week, was thinking “how hideous it was”. I wanted to get better for my family. I spent the following two years with a psychiatrist and psychologist and was on anti-depressants.

Slowly, life started to become normal again. Owen set up a new business and we moved into a rented home. However, I continued to suffer blinding headaches and was in bed most weekends. The specialist treatment was not working.

Another tragedy followed. My father tried to commit suicide – his business was in danger financially. I found him unconscious in the back of his car surrounded by letters he’d written to the family. I had a panic attack at the scene. After this episode, I decided I couldn’t carry on like this. I could not let my children suffer as all this was having an impact on their lives. I started researching complimentary therapies and discovered Pranic Healing.

I booked my first Pranic Healing Treatment with Mark Willis. I was amazed that after the treatment, I felt so relaxed. This is what encouraged me to continue seeing Mark for more sessions.

Pranic Healing works on the energy body where a chemical reaction takes place. This enhances the body’s natural healing process to take place on physical, emotional and psychological levels. And this was the beginning for my way back up again in life! The headaches started to disappear and within six months, the anxiety I had suffered for most of my life had gone. Thanks to Pranic Healing, I now live a pain-free life and no longer take medication.

During one of the sessions, my therapist told me that I should learn Pranic Healing for myself so that I can help others, the same way as I was being helped now. I am now a Pranic Healing Therapist myself, and with continued guidance and nurturing from my Instructor, Les Flitcroft, I now have a thriving Pranic Healing practise in Ascot. I also facilitate group meditations for children and adults. And more recently, I have been helping teenagers at a local college to help them with their stress levels!

“Being able to help people and make a difference makes me so happy. It was my vision to assist people with mental illness, now I can.”

Learn Pranic Healing yourself and see how you can help yourself and also help others.
Pranic Healing has changed my life! See if it can change yours as well!


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