Darkness and depression

By Elaine

Darkness and depression .. My best friends .. They lured me from anything nice in my life .. And promised me protection from the things that hurt me…. Obviously the price was giving up on a tomorrow that could be better…

Its embraced me, kept me locked in my own prison.. Made me numb instead of feeling … You find you’re mum dead … And it’s lets do this together .. You don’t need help from no one…it’s me and you .. Always ..

I’ve got your back and the keys to your prison … Walk away ..you will have nothing .. I will destroy you …

Id like to know if others feel this is their friend … Even if a bad one … To feel lonely but protected from things that might worry you … I feel lonely but want no one … I want a hug but don’t wont to be touched… I would love a life .. But what would I do with it ?

My own prison keeps me safe…


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