By Joanne Esther Vigneau

Codependent Queen

I would like to share a story,
about a codependent queen..
Living life just to please others,
that is all she has ever been..

Always mistaken and misunderstood,
She has tucked her feelings away..
She surrounds herself in chaos,
because she knows no other way..

She decided to stop and take a breath,
Wanting to live her best life..
She decided she couldn’t wait any more,
Letting go of pain and strife..

She has learned she can say no,
that it is ok to think of her own..
She is trying to learn self care,
it is something she has never known..

She is standing up for what she deserves,
and fighting for that which she believes..
She is no longer playing the martyr,
allowing others to fill their own needs..

So she will write her little stories
and share her emotional tales..
For if she doesn’t learn anything
then she is the one who fails..

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