This is Mental Health for you

By Anonymous

I sit. I sit alone in the one place I feel slightly safe. Yet I still can’t stop thinking of what could happen. I listen for the noises and I’m sure my brain makes them up to please my suffering but yet I can’t relax. I tense up. Nothing will calm me down. Palm-sweated hands rub against each other and my ears listen out for the quietest noise. This is anxiety for you.

You scream inside from the pain you are suffering. Your skin getting ripped apart till the blood pours down. Thoughts running through your mind. Tears pouring down your face. The feeling of being alone with no one to talk to. This is depression for you.

You can sit there and do nothing or you could stand strong and help. Mental health is a big deal and sufferers need you to stand by them while they try and save themselves from the evil monster inside their head. So please stand up and stop the stigma and listen to what they said. They need all the help they can get. This is mental health for you.

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