Imperfect, not I’m perfect…..

By Paul Haywood

It’s common, even as children, that we are taught to strive for perfection. I fight with this concept as a father… Is this realistic, attainable, the route to happiness or even healthy?

The picture is a Picasso, heralded artists and one that celebrates our imperfections.
Keats, the English romantic poet, said: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.”
Salvador Dali said: “Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it.”

So, worldly artisans celebrate imperfections, should we embrace ours and be a little more human, and less automaton?

Whether we are leaders, who guide others and plough a vision, or warriors on the frontline living ‘brands values’, all of our work is collaborative. We share ideas, build best practice, challenge the status quo but amongst all we do this whilst making errors…

I’m not saying our life should be a comedy of errors, but more that our errors shouldn’t be derided. Someone once said to me: “You have full permission to fail” and that was most empowering.

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