Days like this….

By Joanne Vigneau

A dear friend of mine told me
to place my life in gods hand
to have a little faith that this is all
part of his master plan

I have very little faith right now
and I can barely see a light at all
it may be at the end of the tunnel
but its far away and its very small

I just need some room to breathe
and to gather my thoughts a bit
to be able to live my life for me
without someone else having a fit

My life has always been chaotic
and the drama seems to follow me
and even though I don’t ask for it
there’s no end in sight to see

The kids are paying an awful price
for the way things are right now
For them to get hurt anymore
is something that I just wont allow

There are no more games to play
and there is just no going back
All done with being used and abused
I am moving forward it’s a fact

There are better things in store for us
and we will make it through
The children and I will be ok,
I will always do the best I can do

To love, shelter and cherish them
until they are all full grown
I will make sure they have a happy life
even if I do it all on my own

I hope that days like this
are gonna be few and far between
I have to just keep moving foward
as hard as it may seem

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