Battle of Disease

By Joanne Vigneau

I am very tired and my body is very sore.
My head hurts and I can`t think anymore.
Where do I go now, and what am I supposed to do?
What would you do if this were to happen to you?

I haven’t got an answer
when I thought I knew it all.
When is my breaking point??
How far will I have to fall?

I pray that I am good enough
for my kids depend on me.
Exceptional kids with special needs
fighting a disease most will never see.

I am trying to raise them to all they can be.
How do you say I am sorry, being dealt a cheated hand?
To make them see that they deserve much more
when its something nobody can understand.

People only see that sweet little girl,
not seeing the struggles she has to face.
A tough thing for a mother to watch,
guilt is a cold and unforgiving place.

I have been good for most of my life
doing the very best that I could.
I am not proud of all I have done,
I survived things most people never would

I am down on the ground
upon broken and battered knees.
Praying for good fortune
not greedy, just a little bit please?

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