1 in 4 Kindness Challenge

The ‘1in4 kindness challenge’ is where you perform an act of random kindness on either someone you know or a total stranger, just for the sake of doing something positive in this world and raising awareness of mental health issues.

1 in 4 people will suffer from mental ill health this year and the number is ever growing. We should never underestimate the positive effect our actions can have on others.

Ideas for acts of kindness could be donations to charity, compliment a strange (in a non-creepy way please), help someone with their shopping, paying for the drink of the person behind you in the queue, donating time to charity, give food to a homeless person, spend time with a friend in need and so many more ways.

We don’t want to encourage bragging about good deeds, but doing the good deed and bragging about it is better than not doing it at all! So choose your act of kindness and once you’ve completed it, copy and paste this text with what you did and nominate 4 friends to also take part –everyone else, don’t wait to be nominated to spread some good!

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