*Trigger Warning* Fatal Feelings

By Anonymous

Depression, invisible to the eye
And difficult to define
It’s hard for people to comprehend
Despite their efforts to pretend.

Everyone’s low in their life
Everyone deals with trouble and strife
Imagine if those feelings won’t shift
Imagine that dark cloud refuses to lift.

Pull yourself together – you hear that a lot
You’re desperate to do so but simply cannot
There are so many people worse off than you
They say this to help but don’t have a clue.

You feel embarrassed and ashamed to say
You’re incapable to do simple tasks each day
You know what will help in your head
But can’t summon the strength to get out of bed.

Take little steps – that’s what you’re told
Failure and self-loathing emerge when you miss your goals
Despite doing nothing the exhaustion is real
It’s paralysing which magnifies how you feel.

You can’t concentrate with thoughts rushing through your mind
You accept your fate and leave who you were behind
You have nothing left inside and are powerless to resist
To rid yourself of the sorrow you must cease to exist.

The darkness rises and you are overcome
With despair and to surrender you succumb
The odds of winning the battle start to decrease
Now you have to end it all so you can finally RIP.

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