Mirror of Truth

By Anonymous

I have a bully that plagues me every day
They refuse to desist, despite what I say
I try to ignore and continue as before
Hoping the bully will bully me no more.

The torment continues and begins to take its toll
It’s relentless and constant – out of control
Too ashamed to ask for a helping hand
Convinced no one will understand.

Silently I solider on
Wondering what I’ve done wrong
And why I’ve been singled out
Then everything I know is shrouded in doubt.

I shut myself away so no one can witness
Scared they’ll see the extent of my weakness
I’m not worthy of love and respect
So I keep my feelings inside, hidden and suppressed.

The voice tells me I’m useless and will never succeed
Accepting these words allows the voice to breed
I’m worthless, pathetic and should hide away
From the inside out, I start to decay.

I stare in the mirror to see what remains
Of who I once was, knowing I’ll never be the same
As I look at my reflection, I’m startled to see
The face of the bully, realising the bully is me.

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