Glimmer of Hope

By Anonymous

The fire inside us gives us the zest for life
It gives us strength to face trouble and strife
To keep the blaze, you must nurture the flame
Feeding the fire with the energy we gain.

In a blink of an eye, the clouds roll in
Turning the sky black, and the storm will begin
Helplessly you rush to save the pyre
The rain cascades down, dowsing the fire.

Smouldering embers are all that remain
The void is filled with sorrow and pain
You visit the place that once shone light
Only cinders lie there in the darkness of night.

You turn your back and walk slowly away
Knowing the darkness has led you astray
When suddenly you see a ray of the sun
An unfamiliar feeling rises – optimism

Through the ashes, a green shoot does appear
This gives you a reason to persevere
Out of devastation and destruction it grew
Giving you hope that you can too.

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