Depression- is it real?

By Sara

I can’t believe that she is depressed
She’s always smiling and laughing – who would have guessed?
She looks all right to me, she doesn’t seem down
She’s always the funny one – playing the clown.

She says she can’t work – can’t get out of bed
She says she can’t do daily tasks – that’s what she said
Is she genuine or is she putting it on?
She seems perfectly fine – it must be a con.

She’s been off work for quite some time
She says she struggles each day but on the surface she’s fine
I don’t think she is telling the truth
She’s just lazy and just wants an excuse.

She was seen out – enjoying herself
This proves that there’s nothing wrong with her health
She must have made it up – surely it’s not real?
Anyone can fake what they feel.

I wear a mask each and every day
I laugh and joke so I look okay
Down is not the word for what’s inside
I’m the funny one because I want to hide.

I can’t work as I’ve hit rock bottom
Not being able to function makes me feel rotten
To you I may seem to be all right
This is my cover to keep out of sight

The guilt I feel for not doing my job
Make me feel worthless – only able to sob
The truth is the hardest thing to tell
I have to be honest so I can get well.

Going out takes every ounce of energy I possess
All my negative thoughts I must suppress
The stigma doesn’t allow you to comprehend
And this is why I had to pretend

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