Break the stigma, spread the word

By Sanna van Gerven

“Always exhausted but never able to sleep. There is no end. This disorder is a prison and learning to live with it is the only way to survive it.”

A close friend send me this piece (the original text is longer) about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), asking me if this is how I feel about my personality disorder. And yes, this is what it feels like, or rather, this is more how it FELT. I’m not saying I’m cured, but I can truly say it feels so much better after intensive therapy for a year. I can’t stop telling people to please, please, please seek help if you are depressed, diagnosed with a disorder or not even diagnosed yet (if you can relate so much to people that have personality disorders and feel like shit most of the time, please get yourself tested).

And PLEASE DON’T WORRY about what people will think or say about you, this is your life and it honestly will feel so much better if you have better ways to live it. So FUCK THE STIGMA! I’m always honest and open about my disorder and I’m always ready to explain it or even jump into the discussion when people are bashing other people that get therapy, because if we keep alienating people with disorders or ‘who are mentally weaker,’ then those people will never ever get the help they so truly deserve.

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(My own text, except the quoted part. Sharing is caring. We can rescue lives just by talking about this. I also posted this on Instagram as @nietzosubtiel).

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