So many pills, so little time!

By Jenn Hope

Taking pills sucks! This is just a fact. Nobody wants to take a pill every day just to function. It sucks! But the truth is, some of us need those pills in order to function. And even though it sucks, it’s ok.

I’ve been on an obscene amount of medicines for depression, anxiety and sleep issues. So many different brands; so many different doses. And I’d take one for a while, feel better then go off it. Why, you ask? If you feel better then why stop taking it? Well, you answered your own question: because I felt better… silly! These thoughts are real and can seem so accurate, but the truth is they’re not. The meds make you feel better because you’re on the meds. Sad that you can’t do it on your own, yes, but it’s ok . Thank God there’s something out there that can help you smile, get out of bed, not pull your hair out and scream.

But it’s a process; a long process. A trial and error process. You need the right doctor, the right type of med and then the right dose. And these things are based off diagnosis. And, well, diagnosis is another long trial and error process. It takes time, sometimes so much time. But we need to stick with it. It will all come together. And we need to be involved in these processes. We need to have a voice – and an honest one. If the meds feel wrong, tell your doctor. If you think you’re on too many, talk to your doctor. If you’d like options, talk to your doctor. Our opinions matter. It’s our bodies, after all, that the meds are going into.

But with all that said, if you need meds then take them. Have no shame. Take them and stick with them. When you feel good it means they’re working with you. And, hell, for all those people against meds, then go out into nature, people! Well, take a bit of that advice and pop it with your pill. Yoga. Exercise. Any time spent enjoying nature. Writing. Singing. These are all med boosters!

So I encourage a dose of the things you love with your medicine.
Patience, honesty and understanding. You need the medicine – you’ll come out smiling! 14 years to 37 years and I’m still waiting – but I’m encouraged!

Jenn Hope©

Reproduced with permission, originally published here

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