21 Things to Say to Someone Being Bullied

Recently we asked you what you would say to someone who was being bullied. Here is a selection of those responses.

part.tea That is is not your fault and that you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, you do not deserve to be treated badly

empathicrevolutionary That hurt people hurt people.

divinemind_ I stood up to the bully , even though my knees were shaking, cause it made me so mad. I was shy and an introvert, the bully was always shocked, because they never expected it from me. I have a 100% protect reflex for others. I am glad of that.

oflionsandlace That your worth isn’t determined by the way you’re treated. <3

the_iamone_movement Wow. My therapist once asked me this question. What would little Bouwke say to you now.. I completely shut down. I did not know. I could not give myself compassion. I would say now : act! Give a hug. Give love and support by being there. Just be.

mrdcox The way people treat you is often a reflection of the relationship they have with themselves.. the sooner you realize feelings are fickle the better off you’ll be and the less you will react. The way they treat you has nothing to do with your value as a person…

beckacaddigan This is not about you! This is all about the bully. They are often treated poorly too or ignored. They are looking for any kind of attention, momentary satisfaction, frustration reliever that they can find. Also known as you! Typically there are other people they bully too. All you can do is be kind. Be the example of goodness. 😇 #stopbullying#showkindness

bisexualgirl_messeduphead When i was bullied i just wished someone would listen and tell me it wasn’t my fault. And what they were doing is a judgement of their character not mine #recoveringfrombullying #bullied #bullying#stopbullying

Joanne Brown Tell someone.. mum, dad, teacher but don’t hold it in. Having been bullied myself I wish I told someone sooner.

Nicola Bannister It’s not your fault
There are people out there who will like you and accept you for who you are

Faye Reid Stay strong, it might be a difficult time right now but time tends to move on especially after school people tend to move on too. Let your parents know about the bullying for emotional support.

I would tell my younger self that a smaller group of friends is a lot better than a large group of friends who don’t care about you. Popularity is so overrated. You will eventually find people who like you for who you are as a person. And they are out there!

Annie Kilby don’t listen, do try to ignore, do talk about it openly and make sure you tell your teachers and parents. Nothing you have done has made this happen, you are awesome and this will pass and you will be stronger because of it – you are braver and stringer than you know

Suzanne Batey Keep any evidence of it, easier these days when you can screen shot texts, messages or social media comments, then tell someone and show them your evidence. Remember, it is not normal behaviour to bully others, bullies are just trying to hide their own inadequacies and are usually jealous of you

Helen Kane I wit hug them believe and support

Anita Sabin Back in my days of being bullied there wasn’t the help there is now so I would say tell someone, get help, don’t suffer alone and don’t let it go on or it will get out of hand. Now I realize that bullies are just cowards seeking out those they think are vulnerable.

Lisa Harrison Penford I’m here for you

Louise Petteford It’s not your fault and tell someone straight away don’t hold it in bullies are cowards

Tara Wavre Tell everyone you can. Physically get up and leave the area when they show up, no reaction is boring for them. If you can’t leave then ignore or be civil but don’t react unless you have to.
Know it’s coming from a place of weakness and insecurity within themselves.
It will stop, it does get better. One day you’ll look back and barely remember their names.

Humaira Rashid Bullies are usually insecure and don’t want anyone to see it. Find their weakness and use it against them

Lara Black I’d say introduce me to the bullies and then I’d kick their ass.
Then, I’d teach the person who has been bullied how to respond to them, and if needed how to physically defend themselves.

Paul Turner Was bullied loads at school 🙁

ya do worry if ya tell ya parents. that it will only make things worse and they will. Get ya out of school instead

Main thing don’t let them get to you. Don’t let them stop you from going out and having fun. Don’t make you anxious and stop you from meeting people. or stop you being in places with a big crowd

Follow this link or this link to learn more about bullying and the impact of bullying
If you are being bullied, or fear for someone who is, please call Childline on 0800 1111


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