Releasing the pain into words

By Anonymous

My most recent bout of depression has been my hardest fought in that it has been by far the longest. I can’t tell you exactly when it reared it’s ugly head or when I lost control of it and my usual coping mechanisms proved fruitless but, except for a short 6 week reprieve towards the end of last year my dark cloud has been with me for around 3 years now. In the last 6 months I’ve realised suffering silently has allowed it room to grow and kept it a dirty secret that I have been ashamed of. So I began to write about those dark thoughts, the exhaustion, the pain, the fear and the isolation.

Getting it down onto paper has given me a release, a way to express it all and reading others stories has given me comfort and is slowly easing some of the shame. No-one should feel Shame. Battling our own minds is the hardest most courageous fight there is. I believe that wholeheartedly when it comes to other people and I’m working hard on accepting that that is the case for myself too.


Here is one of my poems expressing how difficult it can be to share:


So much to say
A thousand thoughts trapped
Words battling
Desperately fighting to escape

Pressure building
Chest tightening
Mind racing
Veins pulsating

Mouth gagged
A thousand thoughts trapped
Pain mounting
Desperately fighting to escape

I am mute

and others can be read here (trigger warnings for self-harm, sexual abuse & suicide)




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