It’s only work…

By Charlotte Edmunds

So, here I am first night back at work, its been a mix of signed off and planned annual leave.

I’d like to say I’m coping… I’m not. I work in a dementia home, on nights. It used to be lovely. But as the poor residents decline, the job becomes harder. Not just physically but mentally! If like me you literally could overthink anything. This is not the place to be. You think about life, mortality, and I am surrounded by people whose brains have failed them. Mine is not failing on such a level, but I feel their anguish and their confusement. But then because I feel that, I get the frustration!

But I chose this job (I am leaving), but yet I just want to go home and hide in the safety of my bed. But you need to work for money, otherwise that’s just another anxiety!

This blog doesn’t really have a conclusion, more just a rambling outlet of a bipolar chick on a low, trying to live a normal life…




  1. Marie White 13th March 2017 at 1:52 am -

    I so know what you mean. I work in a nursing home with many dementia residents. There are days when i cope many days when i go and struggle and days when my bed is the only option. Except i have bills to pay and a partner and son who need me to be strong. Except sometimes, sometimes i just cant.

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