It Gets Better

By Anonymous

So many people have told me this- “It Gets Better”. And for the longest period of time, I would cast aside this comment as something so shallow, so misunderstanding because it simply did not make any sense.

For years I have suffered from depression. Anxiety followed and would build up till I was hanging onto “surviving” with 4 hours of sleep and 2 hours of crying before bed.

I finally sought out help…

And albeit it may feel like you are being cast aside from so many people in your life, there are those who care. Those who will be there for you through the beautiful walkways of life and the deepest pits of hell.

My salvation was found in my support base- my friends. My family did not really seem to care and instead would pick at me, seemingly proding me with a stick that brought me closer to the edge.

And after more than 5 years of suffering, I do believe that it gets better. We will all be okay in the end, and if you are not okay, then it is not the end. Hang in there. Those who are hardly coping, please seek help.

You will be okay.

It does get better.

And as hard as this is to believe right now, hold my words close to your heart, for you are NOT alone. You don’t have to face this alone.



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