An Ongoing Battle

By Anonymous

I fell pregnant with my first child in 2011.

A fortnight later I found out my mother had cancer. I juggled late pregnancy and early motherhood along with caring for my own mum and dealing with the tumultuous emotions that came with it all. No surprise that I was diagnosed myself… with postnatal depression and anxiety.

She eventually passed away and twenty four hours later I was in hospital with my then two year old whilst she was having an asthma attack on the floor in the waiting room. I also then fell pregnant with my second child and had to learn to deal with a physical disability as well as a mental one.

After my son’s birth I was again diagnosed with postnatal depression, anxiety and PTSD. All of the above, and more, happened within four short years. I am now a single parent (and a damn good one at that!) and I’m working on my degree. But most importantly, I am happy.

It doesn’t matter what life throws at you, roll with the punches, accept help and look to the future. What do you want from it? Think about how you can do it. Talk, share, offload. Bigger and better things will come. I promise.




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