The Truth About Depression

By Naver

A lot of people are confused as to how a medicine can make people ‘less sad’. Well that’s not the case. Depression IS NOT sadness. If you curl up on your bad for 3 days because you just broke up, that’s sadness NOT depression. If you got denied from something you’ve been working on for so long and you lock yourself in a room for a week that’s sadness NOT depression. If you feel worthless for a long period of time without knowing the reason why or overwhelmed by the amount of reasons you have, that’s depression.

WebMD describes depression as feeling anxious, helpless, guilty, restless for at least two weeks. The cause of it is still unknown though it can be trigger by traumatic experiences such as a loss of a loved ones or simply genetic. Just like any other illnesses, like how if you eat an excessive amount of sugar (or obese) you could get diabetes but that doesn’t mean that all diabetic are sugar addict or excessively heavy.

DEPRESSION IS AN ILLNESS. It destroys people’s lives and i know a lot of people romanticize it and pretend that they do have one. Well they haven’t felt the truth yet. Depression is not always crying in the middle of the night while having conversation about life on your phone with your best friend. It’s hyperventilating, cold sweats, shaking, in the toilet during your third period because your mind decided to get the best of you. It’s staying on your bed for days when you know you have an important project due the next day. It’s not being able to talk to people for weeks because you’re scared that you will be too dark and no one wants you. Depression is hell and i don’t know why people want to have it.

BUT SINCE IT IS AN ILLNESS, the good news is that it can be cured. WOW. Yeah. Well you can’t just say ‘just be happy’ to a depressed individual and expect them to be okay the next day but you can help. Some people find medications effective and that’s okay, I’ve been on meds before and it did help me control my mood for a while. Some people feel like therapy helps, there are a lot of approaches in therapy and IT IS NOT WRONG TO GET ONE. Just like how when you break your leg, you can’t expect yourself to go run the next day, you’ll need therapy to re-learn how to walk properly, therapy for mental illness will teach you how to understand and control your emotions better. While others might prefer to take matters in their own hand and try their own form of healing such as meditations or sports and that’s not wrong either. Just how some people who got flu will go see a doctor for medication while others decided to get some rest.

All and all, mental illness is not something to be proud of, not something to be bragged about but if you do have one, please reach out for help and i know you can feel extremely lonely and worthless at times but remember that people care about you and if you can’t think of any who does. Remember that i care about you and stay strong warriors ❤️




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