By Claudia Kelly

I wasn’t aware if it was breakfast or time for lunch and he asked me “What Was I Scared Of?” . Now i was partially tamed evident a corpse on display determined to rage, a dungeon was this place. Week’s, day’s, they had locked me away and “I Felt Safe?”, “What’s My Name?” I’ve been dating the medication, “PAUSE”, “Switch Over”, i don’t like this programme. Resilient but recently everything activate a nervousness and i haven’t answered your question so therefore am hesitating. Am frightened my smile soon won’t be of service, “You know the sedation make’s me drift”. “Doctor hit me up” before i dip. Am scared of living am petrified this is it. Their lying where not in need of an asylum and the straight jacket’s never fit and the recommendation’s, “Am More Than Just A Mentally ill Patient!”. Mr. Orderly am scared that when you clock off this shift, just as everyone else you will forget that real people behind these wall’s exist!.


Republished with permission, originally posted here


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