Be More Bear

By Clara Rose

Depression is without a doubt a debilitating illness which is poorly understood by so many people. If I had a pound for the amount of times I’ve been told ‘you’re being silly’, ‘just forget about it’ or ‘cheer up’, I would be able to pay off my student loan already! But not everyone is like this and I wanted to share with everyone one of the best pieces of advice I have received whilst having mental health issues from a complete stranger.

And that is to Be More Bear. If you’re tired, take a nap. If you’re angry or sad, roar that anger away. If you’re hungry, go eat food. If you’re feeling alone, go and get a big bear hug from someone. If you have an itch, go rub yourself up against a tree. (Yeah I know that last one is slightly less relevant but you get the idea!).

Basically when you’re depressed, you don’t want to look after yourself. You just want to stay in bed and lock yourself away from the world. But it’s important that you do look after yourself and that you don’t lock yourself away from the world. It can feel horrific and you can question the point in everything, but if you remember to Be More Bear, it can help you get through those difficult days.

So please, Be More Bear! 🙂




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  3. expensivetastebutbroke 2nd March 2017 at 1:48 pm -

    Love this!

    • clararosecam 4th March 2017 at 6:35 pm

      Thank you, I’m so glad you like it! 🙂

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