What If!

By Claudia Kelly

“Who Say’s Am Not Stable?”,

“Do bear with me whilst i remove this label”,

stamped on my back stating

“You’re not mentally available”.

Fat lama make money from the things you own

“Come look me in the eye’s?”,

let me transfer what i hide,

what do you hideously spy?.

I hurt no one except for “I”.

The stigma continues to linger so about it in this story i write,

essential and who’s to say it won’t ever be your plight.

The rebellion of “Depression”, “Bipolar”, “Psychosis Disorder’s”.

Where not just decaying matter, our mental make up and from this sometimes our reality becomes shattered.

“It Happens”.

But adapt we do and always there has been a thin line between the deranged with yet such genius mind’s.

Discovering “Saturn” and still deep down yearning for the chemicals to be restored.

More medication,

more brick wall’s.

Is it a flaw that i have incurred?

or a gift to be explored?.

Catapulted but we keep restraining,

detouring from that mental dip and here comes the rain again.

More label’s to our load added stereotype’s to our already lengthy road,

just because our mental illness we exposed.

Whom feels it now!

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© Claudia Kelly 2015 Claudia Kelly is hereby identified as author of this work in accordance with Section 77 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988




  1. Toby Boucher 21st January 2017 at 12:54 am -

    Love this! Honest, accurate, powerful words. The first four lines alone say it all. I so wish I’d written this!

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