How to Spot the Signs of Depression (and How to Deal If You Have It)

We’ve all been there: a little (or a lot) in the dumps with nothing specific to pin it on. But there’s a major difference between a downbeat day and depression, and dealing with the latter can be scary, whether you’re going through the ins-and-outs yourself or watching someone you care about struggle.

So how do you know if what you’re feeling is more serious than a case of the sads? Read on to learn how to spot the signs and find the help you need to feel better.

First, the facts

Did you know that teen girls are three times as likely to experience depression than guys of the same age? That trend continues throughout life, too: Of the 15 million people in the U.S. suffering from depression, the majority are women—and about two-thirds of them don’t get the help they need.

Women are not only twice as likely to develop clinical depression as men, but up to one in four women will probably experience a major episode of depression at some point in her life. Plus, new studies show that depressed young women are at higher risk for developing heart disease. Yikes! The good news? With the right kind of help, women not only get better, but they’re able to learn the skills and strategies to cope with depression so if it shows up again, they know how to handle it.

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